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Aerial drone photography, video and mapping for all industries. 

Technology for asset management

With a digital record of your job site, you can report issues from your office or home. With drone technology you can resolve issues quickly. It enables teams in the office and on the field to easily collaborate. We help your business engage in a culture of accountability with visual documentation and streamlined communications.  Drone Solutions has done inspections of powerlines, bridges, roofs, cell towers, pipelines, solar farms and many other structures. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can access hard-to-reach places faster, cheaper and with less risk than manual inspections, and potentially allow the asset to remain on-line.


After sunset, roof areas that contain moisture are different  because the heat radiates from these areas longer than those areas that are dry.

When the building structure cools down, we scan the roof with a sensitive infrared camera and a sUAS to detect the sources of heat and record them for later analysis.

Roof Inspections


Solar Panels Inspections

Thermal image cameras with sUAS look for panel hotspots. Overheated cells can damage the casing material and cause delamination.  Hotspots come from shade on the module or a defective cell that changes the module from power production to power consumption resulting in heating the cell which will show as a hotspot in the thermal image.

Solar panels.jpg

Other Infrared Services

golden crude pipelines in africa.jpg
Infrared thermovision image showing lack
  • Pipeline Inspections

  • Building Diagnostics

  • Thermal 3D Modeling

  • Landfill gas emissions detection

  • Reports by Certified Thermographer

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