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Professional Drone Pilots

Drone soft washing,  photography, video and mapping for all industries. 

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Our Services


Drone Soft Washing

Our drone is tethered to a cleaning system on the ground and utilizes a low-pressure cleaning method. The drone uses cleaning solutions to do the "heavy-lifting" of cleaning, rather than relying on high pressures, which can potentially cause damage to the surfaces, or depending on ladders and repel gear that can be dangerous for crew members. 

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Real Estate Marketing

Integrating aerial media into your storytelling will increase listings and sell more. Drone imagery is an amazing  tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to streamline the research process necessary to buy a new home. With aerial imagery you can map an entire lot and identify key schools, business and access roads improving the user experience.


Aerial Mapping

We use software to convert images taken by hand and by drone to deliver highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. They are customizable and are compatible with a wide range of applications and software. Aerial mapping is a useful tool for contractors to monitor, inspect, measure, and analyze their projects. 

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Infrared Inspections

Drone Solutions provides top-notch photography and filmmaking experiences for small and medium sized businesses looking to increase online presence. With our DSRL cameras systems, fleet of drones and FAA Certified pilots we help our customers maximize their media capabilities.   



Unmanned aerial systems (UAV) are making an important contribution to the technological revolution taking place in the agriculture sector. Equipped with several sensors and microcontrollers, NIR and multispectral cameras, GPS receivers and many more functions, they support farmers in the efficient use of plant protection products, providing important data.  

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Using a drone to collect visual data to assess the condition of an asset protects inspectors from dangerous situations. Drones are an additional tool in the inspector’s toolbox.  Drones with thermal imaging cameras can be particularly useful for inspecting photo-voltaic systems, inaccessible buildings, electric power lines, as well as roofing systems.

Working With Drone Solutions


Book a flight with a fully insured FAA certified UAV pilot to capture aerial media and data. Drone Solutions handles required airspace authorizations and waivers in compliance with Part 107 regulations.


Drone Solutions edits photographs and videos or digitilze images collected with RGB, Thermal and Multi-spectral sensors into 2D orthomosaics and 3D maps.  


Drone Solutions uses multiple platforms to organize, analyze and distribute data to our clients. From raw footage to roof reports, NDVI maps and much more. 

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